At Diacrest, we have a strong commitment to preventing harm to people and the environment hence sustainability is the fulcrum of our business strategy and Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality are the major components of our sustainability initiative.
The Diacrest group HSSEQ Management System, has the purpose of ensuring that the activities of the company are planned, carried out, controlled and directed such that the business objectives of the company are met. The overall purpose of this system is to ensure risks within the business are managed to AS Low As Reasonably Practicable -ALARP so as to ensure the safety of live and property. It is based upon the famous and internationally acclaim “plan-do-check-act” theory of continual improvement.
Key Elements of Diacrest International HSE-MS

Leadership and Commitment
Management at all levels show strong visibility and commitment to HSSEQ by taking the lead in driving implementation of sound HSSEQ principles and entrenching a culture of “fear” in the organization.
Policy and Strategic Objectives
Defines intentions, corporate principles and aspiration, which set the tone and direction HSSEQ

Organization, Responsibility and Resources
Clearly defined organization with unambiguous responsivity and authority with resources to achieve set company’s objective.

Hazard and Effect Management Process
Clearly defined framework for Identification, Assessment, Control of all hazards and associated risks and well planned recovery/mitigation

Plan, Procedure, Standard and Documentation
Clear activity plan put in place at all levels with required procedure for achieving them defined

Implementation and Monitoring
Framework and statements put in place to monitor performance and address deficiencies

Audit and Review
Periodic assessment planned activities to ensure they running as planned and adequate to deliver company’s objective

Diacrest International Limited recognizes the importance sound environment and the overall wellbeing of employees and all our stakeholders and will strive to promote safe environment in our operation.

Diacrest is committed to:
1. Comply with all applicable statutory regulations, legislation, and standard code of practice.
2. Minimize the impact of our activities on the environment in which we operate to the barest minimum.
3. Establish and maintain a safe and healthy working environment.
4. Identify all hazard and associated risk, evaluate them, and establish adequate control to manage them and reduce to as low as reasonably practicable.
5. Set target and appraise our performance for continual improvement.
This policy will be enforced in all our operations and facilities under Diacrest control. It shall be reviewed regularly as the need arises

Managing Director,
February, 2023